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God’s Mysterious Methods

by J. M. Farro on September 30th, 2018

   “Oh, what a wonderful God we have!  How great are His wisdom and knowledge and riches!  How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and His methods!”  Romans 11:33 TLB

   I have a special fondness for the Scripture above because it reminds me how “impossible” it is for me to “understand [God’s] decisions and His methods.”  And it helps me not to overthink things, but to just pray for His wisdom and help, and to leave the results in His very capable hands.

   When I was a young mother with two little children, my husband, Joe, and I decided to sell the small house we lived in.  Our home was in a private lake community with dirt roads and very few creature comforts.  We didn’t expect to get much money for the sale, so we decided to sell our house without a realtor, and to list it in the local newspaper.  We were stunned when we got an offer the same day from a lady who refused to leave our home until we accepted her check for a sizable deposit.

   Several years later, we decided to sell our second home, and once again, we tried to sell it without a realtor.  But after many weeks of not receiving any acceptable offers, we resigned ourselves to listing our home with a local realtor.  This man warned us that because there were literally hundreds of houses for sale in our area, we shouldn’t expect an offer anytime soon, and we shouldn’t expect to get our full asking price.  We were amazed when we got three offers for our home right away, and the buyer we selected gave us the price we wanted, and would take occupancy in only a matter of weeks.  People told us that we would have to put our furniture in storage and live in a hotel while we looked for a new home in another state, but God intervened in a mighty way, and enabled us to find and buy the home we are in now in only nine days.

   One of the most important lessons we learned in all this was that we should have prayed for God’s guidance when we decided to put our second home up for sale.  Because we had such a good experience selling our first home without a realtor, we assumed that we should use the same method to sell our second home.  But God had other plans for us.  And when we got into agreement with Him and His methods, that’s when doors starting opening, and things began falling into place.

   The Amplified translation of Romans 11:33 says: “…How untraceable (mysterious, undiscoverable) are [God’s] ways (His methods, His paths)!”  Don’t try to figure out the Lord’s mysterious methods, but do ask for His wisdom and direction so you can receive His very best in all you do!

   Lord, help me never to limit Your activity in my life by my small thinking.  Expand my vision, and remind me often that Your methods are mysterious and infinite in number.  Teach me to consult You and Your perspective in all of my ways and decisions.  Thank You that as I seek Your wisdom and follow Your lead, You will open doors and obliterate obstacles so that I can receive Your very best!

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