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Beyond Our Highest Expectations

by J. M. Farro on October 14th, 2018

   “You did awesome things beyond our highest expectations.”  Isaiah 64:3 NLT

   Even though it was 29 years ago, I can still clearly recall the first moment I set eyes on the house we are living in now.  At the time, we had just sold our second home in another state, and we desperately needed another place to live.  We had just put a bid on a house that we were sure would be perfect for us, but had lost it because another buyer outbid us.  I cried bitter tears because I was sure that we had missed out on the only option we had to avoid putting our furniture in storage and living in a hotel.  The disappointment overwhelmed me, and I got on my knees and pleaded with the Lord to intervene on our behalf mightily and speedily.

   That’s when my husband, Joe, and I came upon our present home.  There was a “For Sale” sign out front, and as we gazed at it, I said, “There is no way that this house is in our price range.”  Fortunately, my husband insisted that we call the realtor and ask about it.  The information said that this house was in “immaculate move-in condition.”  And, yes, it was in our price range.  How could that be, when the home we just lost a bid on was in the same price range, but needed thousands of dollars in repairs?

   Joe and I were dumbfounded as we toured the house that was to become our new home.  The inside truly was in move-in condition, with new carpeting and beautiful wallpaper throughout.  And the property was larger than we ever dared ask for, with a majestic farm and field behind it.  The fact that the house was already vacant and owned by a relocation company made it possible for us to buy it and move into it in only nine days.

   Scripture says: “You did awesome things beyond our highest expectations.” (Isaiah 64:3 NLT)  God loves to surprise His children by going above and beyond what we expect.  Joe and I were prepared to settle for that first house we put a bid on, even though it would cost us thousands of dollars just to make it look presentable.  We had no idea that the Lord had us lose that first house in a bidding war so that He could give us something infinitely better.

   Perhaps you have suffered a disappointment of your own, and you are wondering what God is up to.  I encourage you to trust Him and His good intentions, and believe that He has something even better in store for you.  When you take your stand in faith, He will exceed your highest expectations!

   Lord, only You know the true depth of my pain whenever I suffer a disappointment.  Reveal Yourself to me as my Comforter and Healer, and fill me with a fresh sense of hope.  Teach me how to pray the prayers of Your heart, and to believe that You are always up to something good in my life.  Thank You that as I put my wholehearted trust in You, You will do awesome things beyond my highest expectations!

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