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Those Who Want the Best for Us

by J. M. Farro on January 19th, 2020

   “To those who want the best for me, I wish them joy and happiness.  May they always say, ‘Praise the Lord, who wants what is best for His servant.’”  Psalms 35:27 ERV

   The Scripture above highlights two important truths that can help us to live the good life that our God ordained for us.  First, it talks about the people who want what is best for us.  And, second, it refers to the Lord Himself, who wants the best for His servants.

   The Bible tells us that it’s important for you and I to surround ourselves with “those who want the best for [us].”  These are the people who are FOR us, and not against us.  They not only respect our faith in God, but they encourage it.  And when we are going through trials, they are the ones who will pray the prayers of God’s heart for us.  Unfortunately, just because some folks are our family members, that doesn’t mean that they are on our side.  Jesus warned that some of our worst enemies would be our own family members. (Matthew 10:35-36)  He also told us that when we make sacrifices for His sake, He will bless us with new and better loved ones who will support us in our life of faith. (Mark 10:29-30)  Do some serious soul-searching and assess your relationships, especially your closest ones.  The wrong relationships can cause you to miss your God-given destiny, while the right ones can launch you forward right into it!

   As followers of Christ, we are called to continually “praise the Lord” because He always “wants what is best for His servants.”  Believe and act like God really does want the best for you, and that He always has your best interests in mind.  If you don’t, you will make yourself an easy target for Satan, who will attempt to convince you that God doesn’t really want you to enjoy your life, and that He’s always trying to keep good things from you.  The truth is that when the Lord says “no” to something we want, it’s not because He wants to keep good things from us, but that He wants to keep us from settling for second best.  His plans for us far exceed anything that we could ever “ask or imagine,” and only by trusting Him and His good intentions for us – and getting into agreement with Him, instead of resisting Him all the time – can we experience the fullness of our destiny. (Ephesians 3:20)

   The bottom line is this:  If you will hang out with those who want the best for you – God Himself, and the Christ followers He has ordained for your life – He will bless you and use you in exciting ways for His glory!

   Lord, please grant me the wisdom, courage, and discernment I need to surround myself with the God-honoring people that You have ordained for me.  Remind me continually that wrong associations can lead me astray, and away from my God-given destiny. (Proverbs 12:26)  Help me to devote myself to Your Word so that I can easily distinguish between lies from Satan, and Your eternal Truth.  Thank You that as I trust You to always want what is best for me – and as I wholeheartedly follow Your leadership in every area – I will fulfill my God-given purpose and potential!

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