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Trust Only in God Every Moment

by J. M. Farro on March 15th, 2020

   “Join me, everyone!  Trust only in God every moment!  Tell Him all your troubles and pour out your heart-longings to Him.  Believe me when I tell you – He will help you!”  Psalm 62:8 TPT

   One of my study Bibles says that this psalm by King David expresses a simple trust in God like no other psalm.  God showed it to me in The Passion Translation for the first time, and it felt like a healing balm on my hurting soul.  In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, there have been times when I have been tempted to become fearful and disheartened, and I have looked to the Lord and His Word for comfort and reassurance.

   In the verse above, David urges us to “Trust only in God every moment!”  It’s so easy to put our trust in things and people rather than God, especially in a crisis.  In David’s case, he was surrounded by murderous conspirators, yet in the midst of his own crisis, he urges us to trust ONLY in God on a moment-by-moment basis.  Those moments when we are not trusting God will cause us tension and torment.

   Then David says, “Tell [God] all your troubles and pour out your heart-longings to Him.”  David knew from experience how pouring our hearts out to the Lord enables us to release our fears, doubts, and distress.  When we do this, it’s not an exercise in futility.  We are committing our problems and worries to the only One who can supply us with supernatural protection and provision.  David says emphatically, “Believe me when I tell you – He will help you!”

   The last two verses of this psalm read: “God said to me once and for all, ‘All the strength and power you need flows from Me!’  And again I heard it clearly said, ‘All the love you need is found in Me!’  And it’s true that You repay people for what they do.” (Psalm 62:11-12 TPT)  Divine strength and power are flowing to us and through us continually through God’s Spirit who abides in us.  We just need to acknowledge them and receive them by faith.  And we have all the love we need through Jesus, so we can set a Christlike example, even in times of crisis when others are acting irrationally.  When David says in the very last line of this psalm that God will “repay people for what they do,” he is speaking from experience, and reassuring us that the Lord will reward our faithfulness, while dealing with those who do wrong.

   In the midst of a world in turmoil today, I urge you as David did – “Trust only in God every moment!  Believe me when I tell you – He will help you!”

   Lord, please work in my heart so that I can learn to trust in You alone every moment of every day.  Teach me how to pour my heart out to You, sharing with You all of my hopes, fears, wounds, and worries.  Enable me to see You as the all-powerful, all-loving God that You really are.  Help me to rely on Your strength to consistently set a Christlike example in my conduct and conversation.  Thank You for proving Yourself to be my Protector, my Provider, and my Vindicator!

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