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Healing in Your Hands

by J. M. Farro on January 31st, 2021

   “At sunset, the people brought all those who were sick to Jesus to be healed.  Jesus laid his hands on them one by one, and they were all healed of different ailments and sicknesses.” Luke 4:40 TPT

   Some years ago, when three of my husband, Joe’s, doctors confirmed the presence of what they believed to be a large cancerous growth in his neck, he was scheduled for a biopsy.  When the test couldn’t be performed for several weeks, we were sorely disappointed because of the severe headaches that Joe was suffering with.  I began earnestly praying that God would heal my husband before his biopsy.  And I started laying my hands on him every night before he went to sleep.  When the day of his biopsy arrived, every test confirmed that the growth had totally disappeared and was nowhere to be found.  The doctors were left scratching their heads, and Joe and I thanked God for His miracle-working power.

   The Lord reminded me of this experience recently when I was praying for healing for myself.  He showed me the verse above from Luke 4:40, which talks about the people who were “healed of different ailments and sicknesses” when “Jesus laid His hands on them.”  Then the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance a promise from the Savior Himself: “And these signs will accompany those who believe: in My name…they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:17-18 ESV)  It finally dawned on me that the Lord was telling me that I can lay hands on myself, in the name of Jesus, and experience my own recovery. 

   The Scriptures show that Jesus healed different people in different ways, so it’s always wise to pray for wisdom when we pray for healing.  It makes me think of the Savior’s mother saying, “Do whatever Jesus tells you to do.” (John 2:5 CEV)  Very often, when I need healing for my mind, emotions, or body, the Holy Spirit gives me a promise from Scripture to pray, confess, and stand on for my healing.  This time, He was telling me to lay hands on myself. 

   As I followed the Lord’s directions, I experienced the relief and recovery that God promises in His Word.  If you or a loved one need healing today, pray the following prayer in the name of Jesus – and open the door to divine healing and wholeness!

   Lord, I praise You for being a healing God, and that You delight in healing Your people.  Remind me often that as one of Your followers, I can lay hands on the sick and suffering, and they WILL recover.  Lead me along Your perfect pathway of healing and wholeness, and help me to follow You closely, and to cooperate with You fully all the way.  Thank You that whether my healing is instantaneous or progressive, I will experience Your miracle-working power!

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