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God Sees Their Sinful Ways

by J. M. Farro on November 14th, 2021

   “I’ve seen their sinful ways, but Ill heal them.  I’ll guide them and give them rest.  I’ll comfort them and their mourners.” Isaiah 57:18 GW

   Here is a promise from the Lord for those of us who have loved ones who are living apart from Him.  Here in this passage of Scripture, God assures us that He SEES their sinful ways.  Sometimes, when we see our loved ones making poor decisions because of their indifference or hostility toward God, we think, “Lord, don’t You see what they are doing?  Don’t You care that they are hurting me, and destroying their lives?”  But God wants us to know and believe that He is well aware of what these loved ones of ours are doing, and He cares very deeply about how it is affecting us and others.

   Next, the Lord says that He will HEAL them.  He will renew their hearts and minds so that they will turn to Him in heartfelt repentance.  Then, He will GUIDE them along the paths He has ordained for them, and He will give them the REST that they don’t even realize they are longing for.  And here’s the best part: God will COMFORT them AND their mourners – those of us who have been grieved over our loved ones’ mistakes and misery.

   The following verse in this passage has another promise from the Lord: “I’ll create praise on their lips.” (Isaiah 57:19 GW)  Hallelujah!  God Himself will cause our restored loved ones to break out in praise to Him for His goodness and mercy.  Today, I encourage you to pray and stand on these divine promises for your rebellious loved ones – and watch our God prove His faithfulness to His Word!

   Lord, I am so grateful that You see the sinful ways of those I care about who are living apart from You.  Please heal and renew their minds and hearts, and make Yourself real to them in life-changing ways.  Guide them and fulfill Your purposes for them, and give them the rest that their souls crave.  Thank You for comforting them – and me – and creating praise on our lips for Your goodness and mercy!

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