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Don’t Be Swayed

by J. M. Farro on November 20th, 2022

   “You aren’t swayed by others, because You pay no attention to who they are.” Matthew 22:16 NIV  

   The Lord has used this verse many times over the years to remind me that Jesus was never “swayed by others,” because He refused to pay attention to who they were.  Because of that, I have always been wary of so-called “experts” in any field.

   I confess that it disturbs me when I hear of Christians making plans for their retirement without consulting God.  They will consult financial experts, and even other people, about what they should do, without even giving a thought to seeking the Lord through prayer and His Word.

   It also concerns me when I hear about students consulting guidance counselors, their friends, and their loved ones about their future, instead of seeking the One who created them with specific and unique plans and purposes in mind.

   And don’t get me started on food and drink.  After decades of the government’s nutritional experts telling us how to eat in order to be healthy, they have declared that they had it all wrong, and generations have suffered multitudes of illnesses as a result of a poor diet.

   Every day, I see Christians being swayed by people and institutions who do not have one iota of the wisdom that our God has, and who continually reap the consequences of their foolishness.  Jesus said, “I do nothing without consulting the Father.” (John 5:30 NLT)  You and I would be wise to follow His example.

   Lord, don’t let me be fooled into thinking that I can make my own plans and ask You to bless them.  Instead, let me be fully persuaded that YOUR plans for me are already BLESSED. (Jeremiah 29:11)  Teach me what is best for me – even where my eating and drinking habits are concerned. (Isaiah 48:17)  Help me to always walk in wisdom so that I will be delivered and kept safe from all harm – including from poverty, debt, and lack, and all sickness and disease. (Proverbs 28:26)  Thank You that as I seek You and Your wisdom for every area of my life, I will reap all of the blessings, breakthroughs, and victories that You have in store for me!

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  1. Eddie Aldaco permalink

    Again and again I thank Miss Joanne for your insight and wisdom sharing your experiences and God’s answers to YOU for ALL of us…amen amen sister! May God’s blessings be in abundance for you and your continued sharing of His word! Peace be with you my friend!

  2. J. M. Farro permalink

    Thanks so much, Eddie! I sincerely appreciate your words of encouragement. You and yours continue to be in my prayers. May the Lord richly bless you as you walk with Him!

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