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You Need to Hear from God

by J. M. Farro on September 22nd, 2019

   “I do nothing without consulting the Father.”  John 5:30 NLT

   This past Labor Day weekend, my husband, Joe, and I were enjoying the company of our oldest son and his family when Joe experienced an unsettling heart “episode.”  I insisted that he call his cardiologist right away, and when he did, he was told that he should expect such symptoms for up to three months after his recent surgery.  We both breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God.  But later that day, Joe received a call from his surgeon saying that he needed to be hospitalized again as soon as possible to receive more invasive and risky treatment.  As soon as the call ended, I said to my husband, “We are not making any decisions until we hear from God.”

   After Joe and I prayed for the Lord’s wisdom, we felt very strongly that he was not to be hospitalized again so soon, but that he should wait until his next appointment with his cardiologist.  So my husband said a firm “no” to his surgeon’s recommendations.  When Joe saw his cardiologist two weeks later, he was told that his surgeon “overreacted” when he wanted my husband to receive more invasive treatment so soon after his last surgery.  And we were deeply grateful that we had consulted God when we did, instead of blindly following the surgeon’s recommendations.

   If all this had happened years ago, before I began walking closely with the Lord, I would have probably made sure that my husband listened to his surgeon’s orders without questioning them.  Now that I have a personal knowledge of God’s wisdom, power, and love, I consult Him about everything – following the Savior’s lead when He said, “I do nothing without consulting the Father.” (John 5:30 NLT)

   I will tell you from experience that you will get some really funny looks from people when you tell them that you have to pray about something before you make a decision about it, especially where serious medical situations are concerned.  Many people have the idea that we absolutely must comply with the wisdom of medical doctors, especially when they are giving advice and recommendations for very serious medical conditions.  Be prepared!

   One thing that we always need to remember is that the devil always tries to make things look worse than they really are.  He wants us to become fearful because he knows that it’s more difficult for us to hear from God when we are in a state of panic.  Corrie ten Boom was quoted as saying, “There is no panic in Heaven!  God has no problems, only plans.”  The Lord has a plan for your deliverance today.  Will you consult Him and put Your trust in Him?

   Lord, when trouble strikes suddenly and without warning, give me the strength I need to be calm enough to seek Your wisdom and will.  Guard me from the fearfulness and fretfulness that would make it difficult for me to hear Your voice speaking to me.  Help me to tune out the voices that would hinder me from receiving Your best.  Thank You that as I consult You for Your divine plans and purposes, my victory in Jesus is guaranteed!

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