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Believe that Jesus is Willing

by J. M. Farro on December 8th, 2019

   “Jesus reached out and touched him and said, ‘Of course I am willing to heal you, and now you will be healed.’”  Luke 5:13 TPT

   If you are in need of some form of healing today, then this verse of Scripture should cause you to rejoice.  Luke the Physician records an incident where a man with leprosy falls at Jesus’ feet, and begs to be healed.  He tells the Master, “If You are only willing, You could completely heal me.” (Luke 5:12 TPT)  Jesus doesn’t hesitate.  He reaches out and touches the man, and tells him, “Of course I am willing to heal you, and now you will be healed.” (Luke 5:13 TPT)  I especially like these verses in The Passion Translation, because they better express the emotion within this extraordinary event.

   Think about the faith of the afflicted man in this account.  He didn’t just have leprosy, but he had “an advanced case of leprosy.” (Luke 5:12 AMP)  Bible scholars say that this meant that a lot of his bodily tissue was already gone.  So he definitely needed a creative miracle.  And, to his credit, he believed that Jesus could give him one.  He just wasn’t certain if the Lord was willing to do it.  The Master puts the man’s doubts to rest by expressing His readiness to heal him, and then going ahead and doing it!  I have often had the same doubts that the man in this account demonstrated.  Perhaps you have, too.  We believe that the Lord is able to do anything – able to heal anything.  But we’re just not 100% convinced that He’s willing.

   There have been many times when I, personally, did believe that God wanted to heal me.  And I have seen Him work wonders on my behalf.  One such example is when, years ago, I was taking aerobics classes to get in shape.  I injured my left shoulder so badly that for years, I could hardly move it, and when I did, it caused me excruciating pain.  I suffered that way for more than ten years, until I surrendered my life to Christ, and began studying His Word in-depth.  I became convinced that God wanted me well and whole, and I began praying and standing on His promises of healing.  And, some months later, He did heal me.  Doctors told me that I was going to need surgery on that shoulder because it was severely, and irreparably, damaged.  But the Lord granted me a creative miracle – giving me a brand-new shoulder – and more than 25 years later, I am still free from pain.  And I could give you more testimonies of creative miracles like this one – including the time that the Lord delivered me from blinding migraine headaches, after I had them for decades.  

   I believe that God can, and does, use modern medicine and doctors to heal His people, and I see my own doctors regularly.  But I also believe that, because man’s ability to heal is so limited, the Lord often intervenes in mighty ways to deliver His devoted ones when they cry out to Him for help.  Jesus told two blind men who came to Him for healing, “According to your faith let it be done to you.” (Matthew 9:29 NIV)  May we always demonstrate the kind of faith that takes the limits off of our God and His willingness to rescue us!

   Lord, when I need any form of healing, help me to turn to You first for wisdom and guidance.  Fill me with the faith I need to receive the healing You have in store for me, and help me to cooperate with You for the building of my faith by reading and listening to Your Word. (Romans 10:17)  Teach me how to take care of my health, and to see my doctors regularly.  But don’t let me hesitate to believe You for creative miracles when You are willing to grant them.  Thank You that as I keep my faith in You – and not in doctors or medicines – I will be a powerful testimony to others of Your glory and grace!

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