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Call to the Lord for Help

by J. M. Farro on December 13th, 2020

   “Then they called to the Lord for help, and He saved them from their troubles.” Psalm 107:6 ERV

   When I did an in-depth study of Psalm 107, I discovered that many Bible commentators consider it a celebration of God’s compassion and kindness toward those who call upon Him for help in times of crisis.  What’s most interesting to me is that this psalm makes note of the fact that the Lord often intervenes in mighty ways on behalf of those of us who have been the cause of our own problems.  “Some of us once sat in darkness, living in the dark shadows of death.  We were prisoners to our pain, chained to our regrets.  For we rebelled against God’s Word and rejected the wise counsel of God Most High.” (Psalm 107:10-11 TPT)  Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies.  Instead of depending on the Lord for wisdom and guidance, we go our own way, causing ourselves pain and regret.  What happens next?  “So He humbled us through our circumstances, watching us as we stumbled, with no one there to pick us back up.  Our own pain became our punishment.” (v. 12)

   Before I had a personal relationship with the Lord and began studying His Word, I thought that He was always watching me and waiting for me to do something wrong, so that He could punish me for it.  Now I know that if I choose to rebel against Him and His Word, all He has to do is to allow me to suffer the natural consequences of my own poor choices.  That’s always enough to cause me to turn to Him in heartfelt repentance, and to begin depending on Him once again for His “wise counsel.”

   The refrain that is repeated throughout this psalm says, “Then they called to the Lord for help, and He saved them from their troubles.” (Psalm 107:6,13,19,28)  When trouble strikes, do you run to the phone, or to the throne?  Before you ever had a problem, God already had a custom-made solution for it.  As you make Him the first One you turn to, you will see His spectacular rescue operation begin!

   Lord, when trouble comes my way, remind me that it’s the desire of Your heart for me to run to You first.  Give me a spirit of humility so that I will live my life totally dependent upon You and Your wise counsel.  When I am the cause of my own problems, urge me by Your Spirit to turn to You in heartfelt repentance, and to ask for Your help.  Thank You that as I cooperate with Your rescue operation, I will experience Your goodness, mercy, and deliverance once again!

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