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An Attractive Attitude

by J. M. Farro on June 24th, 2010

My family and I all use the same chiropractor, and my husband, Joe, and our younger son, John, usually go the very same day each month. Recently, Dr. J’s mother became gravely ill, and the day that my husband and son had appointments, she was near death. Joe’s appointment was first, and when Dr. J talked about his mother’s condition, he spoke so casually about it that my husband described him as cold-hearted and unfeeling when he told me about it later that day. But when John saw the doctor an hour or so afterwards, and he shared the unpleasant news about his mother, my son saw him as sensitive, caring, and sorrowful.

What made the difference? A difference in attitude and approach. My husband has a tendency to be insensitive and unsympathetic when others are suffering. At times, he is quick to judge and to criticize, and he has a suspicious nature. On the other hand, my son has a tendency to be very sensitive, caring, and compassionate. And Dr. J knew the difference. He shared his sad news with my husband in one way, and with my son in another.

This experience was a good lesson for me. It made me realize that if I want people to open up to me and to trust me, I have to allow them to see me as a compassionate and sensitive individual who is genuinely concerned about them. This kind of attitude often gives me the opportunity to talk to hurting people about my faith, and my devotion to a compassionate and loving Savior who wants to have a personal and intimate relationship with them. Today, think about what signals YOU may be giving others when you interact with them.

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