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Active Faith

by J. M. Farro on June 17th, 2024

   “When Jesus saw their [active] faith [springing from confidence in Him], He said to the paralyzed man, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.’”  Mark 2:5 AMP

   I was feeling more aches and pains than usual one day, and I thought it might be wise to see my chiropractor, even though I wasn’t due to visit him until the following week.  My husband, Joe, had left me the money to give my doctor on our kitchen counter, but when I saw it, I began debating with myself if I would really need it.  “I probably won’t be able to get an appointment at the last minute.  This is a busy time for my doctor.  But I sure would like to see him today.”

   Right then, the Lord impressed upon me that before I called the doctor, I was to take the money and put it in the front section of my wallet, like I always do when I’m leaving for my appointments.  He reminded me that I had prayed that my doctor would be in that day, and that God would give me favor with him so that I could see him at the last minute.  So I grabbed the money as an act of faith, and put it in my wallet, and I called the doctor’s office, discovering that my chiropractor was happy to squeeze me into his busy schedule that afternoon.

   The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about how a simple act of faith – such as putting the money in my wallet – can open the door to an unexpected blessing.  He reminded me of a passage in the Gospel of Mark where four friends made a hole in someone’s roof to lower an ailing friend on a mat right in front of Jesus.  The Scripture says, “When Jesus saw their [active] faith [springing from confidence in Him], He said to the paralyzed man, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.’” (Mark 2:5 AMP)  The Bible reveals that Jesus not only forgave the man’s sins, but He healed him of his infirmity. (v. 10-12)

   The Lord is constantly looking for people with “active” faith – faith that He and others can SEE, expressed through our words and actions.  Our faith should always spring forth from our “confidence in [Christ],” not ourselves, or anyone or anything else.  Put these principles to work in your own life today, and discover for yourself that a small act of faith can be a powerful thing!

   Lord, teach me how to have “active faith” that will enable me to lay hold of all the good things You have in store for me.  Deliver me from doubt and unbelief, and help me to cooperate with You for the building of my faith.  Remind me to keep my confidence in You, and not in myself or others.  Thank You that as I demonstrate faith that You and others can see through my words and actions, lives will be changed, and You will be glorified!

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