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New from J.M. Farro: The Promise-Powered Life for PARENTS devotional book!

by J. M. Farro on April 4th, 2015

Inside, you will find 50 Spirit-led devotionals showing you how to pray and claim God’s promises for your children’s salvation, safety, and deliverance; how to believe God to restore wasted years; how to monitor and pray for your children’s relationships; how to persevere for prodigals; how to prepare for and deal with “empty nest syndrome”; how to pray and expect the Lord to provide supernaturally for yourself and your children; how to discipline and instruct your children the Bible way; how to stand up to attacks against your family; how to let go and move on when it’s God’s will for you; how to revitalize your marriage; how to overcome disappointment and disillusionment as a parent; and much more.

Each devotional includes a Scripture-based prayer and a Promise-Power Point so that you can learn how to pray and claim the promises of God in every area for yourself and your loved ones.

To order a signed copy of this new Parents’ book with a credit card or PayPal (if you are in the U.S.), please use the BUY NOW button below. If you would like your book personalized for yourself or someone else, please specify that in the instructions area as you check out. Orders are shipped out promptly by First-Class Mail and will arrive in 2-5 days.

* If you are in the U.S. and would like to purchase multiple copies of this book with a credit card or PayPal, please email Joanne at .*

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