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Secure Homes

by J. M. Farro on October 4th, 2020

   “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”  Isaiah 32:18 NIV

   Here is a promise that I have been praying and standing on for myself and my family for decades.  Today, it has taken on new meaning for me because of the civil unrest that has been spreading across my nation.  It is the desire of God’s heart to have His people living in “peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”  He knows the anguish that we suffer when we are surrounded by violence, hostility, and chaos.  The Bible says that “God wants His children to live in peace.” (1 Corinthians 7:15 NLT)  I believe that this applies, not only to our lives, but to our surroundings, too – including our neighborhoods. 

   Most of God’s promises and blessings are not automatic.  We often have to actively pray for them, and go through a period of standing in faith for them, before we experience their full manifestation.  If you are in an unsafe environment right now, and you begin to earnestly pray Isaiah 32:18, God will either remove you from the place you are in now, or He will sovereignly transform it so that it comes in line with His promise.

   Thirty-one years ago, when my family and I moved into the home we are in now, we began experiencing vicious attacks on our home and property almost immediately.  I wasn’t walking closely with the Lord at the time, and I had no working knowledge of His Word and promises.  But several years later, when God got a hold of me, and I got a hold of His Word, I began faithfully praying and standing on Isaiah 32:18, and I eventually witnessed Him totally transforming my entire neighborhood.  It didn’t happen overnight, but I didn’t let that deter me.  Filled with a holy determination to receive God’s best, I held tight to His promise until one day, I looked around and realized that my family and I lived in a peaceful dwelling place, a secure home, and an undisturbed place of rest.  I continue to stand in faith for my surroundings because I don’t want to become complacent.  In light of what is going on in my nation right now, I’m so thankful that I have persevered in prayer and in faith. 

   What about you?  Do you live in a peaceful dwelling place?  If you do, give thanks to God, but don’t take it for granted.  Keep praying and standing on God’s promises for it.  If you don’t live in an undisturbed place of rest right now, pray about it – and keep on praying.  The Lord will either transform it for you, or He will remove you from it completely.  Always remember – “God wants His children to live in peace!”

    Lord, I believe that it is Your will for me to live in peace and security.  When my surroundings are not tranquil, show me how to pray for relief and rescue.  Teach me how to develop a working knowledge of Your Word.  Thank You that as I cooperate with You for my safety and protection, I will experience the kind of peace that can only come from You!

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