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Your God is a Great and Awesome God

by J. M. Farro on April 1st, 2024

   “Do not be terrified by them, for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God.”  Deuteronomy 7:21 NIV

   When I began studying the Bible in-depth many years ago, I would read about the Israelites doubting God after He worked wonders for them, and I would think, “How could they be so dull?”  But after walking closely with God for a while, and allowing Him to teach me, I discovered that I often do the very same thing.

   One verse that the Lord has shown me time and again when I have encountered a new problem is Deuteronomy 7:19 (NIV): “The Lord your God will do the same to all the peoples you now fear.”  Here, the Lord is basically saying, “You remember those other adversities and enemies you faced in the past, and how I fought those battles and won them for you?  Well, I’m going to do the same thing with these new troubles you are facing, if you will only look to Me and depend on My help!”

   The NLT version says that God will use the “same power” against our NEW enemies that He used against our OLD enemies.  Our “enemies” can be sickness or disease.  Or poverty, debt, and lack.  Or family or relationship problems.  Or the loss of a loved one or a job.  It can be whatever the devil throws at us.

   No matter what you are facing today, I believe that if you will take this message to heart, and apply it to your situation, you will see the hand of God working mightily on your behalf.  Trust Him.  Cry out to Him.  And treasure His words of assurance today: “Do not be terrified by them, for the Lord your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God!” (Deuteronomy 7:21 NIV)

   Lord, help me to always see You as the great and awesome God that You are.  When I face new problems of any kind, remind me of how You used Your power in the past to help me overcome my former problems.  Fight my battles for me, and show me how to cooperate with You every step of the way.  Thank You that as I continually look to You, and depend on Your divine help, You will lead me along the paths of victory and success!


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