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Leave Some Things Undone

by J. M. Farro on November 27th, 2022

   “There was such a swirl of activity around Jesus, with so many people coming and going, that they were unable to even eat a meal.  So Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Come, let’s take a break and find a secluded place where you can rest a while.’”  Mark 6:31 TPT

   Years ago, I heard a godly man say, “Fellowship with Christ demands that we leave some things undone.”  I have posted this quotation in various places around my home.  It reminds me that if I am really serious about spending undistracted, unhurried time with the Lord, I am going to have to “leave some things undone.”

I absolutely love a clean house, but I have learned that if I want to be able to hear from God on a consistent basis, I have to let some things go in order to fellowship with Him.  And you will have to do the same, if you are serious about your relationship with the Lord, and you want His best in every area of your life.

Our world is noisier and busier than ever, and the enemy uses constant activity and loudness to distract us from being fruitful and effective for God.  That’s why you and I have to purposely make time in our busy schedules to focus on the Lord and His Word – reading the Scriptures, sharing our petitions with Him, giving thanks to Him, and listening for His voice.  When we do, He will reveal Himself to us more and more, and He will fill us with His incomparable wisdom, strength, joy, and peace.

I believe that the Lord is lovingly saying to us today – “Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31 NIV)  Let’s not keep Him waiting.

   Lord, help me to restructure my priorities, so that they will always benefit me and glorify You.  Teach me to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness, so that all of my needs will be abundantly supplied. (Matthew 6:33)  Show me how to make the most of my time, reminding me often that my time is precious in Your sight. (Ephesians 5:15-16)  Thank You that as I spend undistracted, unhurried time in Your presence and Your Word, You will reveal Yourself and Your purposes for me more and more!

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