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God is Ready to Set Things Right

by J. M. Farro on October 8th, 2023

   “For I am ready to set things right, not in the distant future, but right now!”  Isaiah 46:13 NLT

   Here is an awesome promise from God to His people when we are in a situation that begs for His mighty and speedy intervention.  Notice how the Lord says that He is “ready” to “set things right” in any way that we need Him to do that.

   Do you need healing today?  God is ready to set things right in your body.  Do you need financial help?  The Lord is ready to set things right in your finances.  Perhaps you need help with a difficult person.  God is prepared to set things right in that relationship.

   Don’t miss the part in this verse where the Lord says that He will intervene on our behalf “not in the distant future, but right now!”  This speaks of a sense of urgency and desperation.  It allows us to pray, “Lord, set things right in my body right now!”  Or, “Set things right in my finances right now, Lord!”  Even, “Set things right in my marriage and my family right now, O God!”

   Too often, we pray without really expecting the Lord to act on our behalf “right now.”  While there are times when we must wait on God for His intervention, there are certainly occasions when He is more than willing to act instantly and immediately on our behalf – if we ask and really expect Him to.  What things in your life need to be “set right” today?

   Lord, I choose to believe that You are ready to set things right on my behalf in every area of my life now.  Show me how to cooperate with You to receive all of the breakthroughs and blessings that You have in store for me.  Guard me from all doubt and unbelief.  Help me to dig into Your Word, and to lay hold of the promises that belong to me in Christ.  Thank You that as I look to You for help, You will right my wrongs in ways that will bring You great glory!

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