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Never Stop Praying

by J. M. Farro on December 10th, 2023

   “Never stop praying.”  1 Thessalonians 5:17 NLT

   If we look at the apostle Paul’s instructions in the Scripture above, they can seem overwhelming.  How can we as followers of Christ “never stop praying”?  This kind of prayer is not always the kind where we must stop what we are doing and get on our knees to petition God.  It’s the kind where we maintain a running dialog with our Savior throughout our day.

   I like to think of it as being on the phone with God night and day.  We stay on the line continually, and we never hang up the phone!  We constantly keep the lines of communication with Him open.  We wake up conversing with the Lord.  We go to sleep talking to Him.  We share our concerns and deepest secrets with Him.  We pray His promises back to Him.  And we continually give thanks to Him for all things great and small. 

   Since I have been conversing with the Lord nonstop, my anxiety level has decreased dramatically.  As I speak to Him throughout my day, I am reminded that I am never, ever alone.  And I never have to fear anything or anyone, because when I face problems in this life, I am facing them with the help of my Heavenly Father, who is the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of the Universe, my own personal Protector and Provider.

   The other day, my grandson, William, was telling me about a sermon he heard earlier that day during the chapel service at his school.  A visiting pastor asked the students to think about what they do first each morning.  I told Will that the first thing I do when I awaken – and even when I’m only half awake – is to talk to God.  I don’t even get out of bed until I have covered my loved ones and myself in prayers of faith.  Even though my husband, Joe, and I have been together for 50 years, he is not the first one I speak to each morning – God is.

   When we have this kind of intimate relationship with the Lord, our prayers will have tremendous power.  He will tell us who to pray for, and how to pray for them.  And He will equip us with everything we need to make an eternal difference in people’s lives.  Today, I join with the apostle Paul in urging YOU to “never stop praying!”

   Lord, today I ask You to draw me into a deeply intimate and eternal relationship with You.  I want to know You in every way that You can be known.  Show me how to maintain a running dialog with You throughout each day.  Teach me how to hear and to heed Your voice.  Remind me to talk to You first each morning, before anyone else.  Thank You that as I seek You first each day, my prayers and petitions will have tremendous power!

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