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God’s Word Runs Swiftly to You

by J. M. Farro on January 7th, 2024

   “He sends out His command to the earth; His word runs very swiftly.”  Psalm 147:15 NKJV

   This verse of Scripture reveals a powerful truth.  God sends out His Word to accomplish His purposes in the earth, and He does it without delay or difficulty.  As one Bible commentator puts it, “The Lord can deliver His people right speedily, or send them supplies immediately from His courts above.”  When you and I are facing deadlines that have us feeling helpless and hopeless, we can ask and trust the Lord to send whatever we need without delay.

   But there’s much more promise in this verse.  Charles Spurgeon said, “If God’s word runs very swiftly, then it can even overtake those who run away from it.  Not only can the Lord come quickly to those who seek Him, but He can overtake those who hasten away from Him.”  We can pray for our unsaved loved ones, asking God to send His Word to overtake them and draw them to Him.  We have all heard testimonies of people who were “suddenly” captured by the Gospel, and brought into the kingdom of God.

   The Message Bible translation of this verse says, “He launches His promises earthward – how swift and sure they come!”  With thousands of promises in the Bible, every need and desire we will ever face in this life is covered by divine grace.  The Lord is prepared to send His Word and the deliverance, protection, and provision you need today.  Ask Him.  Trust Him.  And watch His promise run swiftly to you!

   Lord, when I am facing needs and deadlines that have me concerned, remind me to ask and trust You to send the perfect provision without delay.  Teach me how to pray for my unsaved loved ones, asking You to send Your Word to overtake them, and to draw them into a deeply intimate and eternal relationship with You.  Thank You for causing Your precious and powerful promises to run very swiftly to supply all of the protection, provision, and deliverances I will ever need!

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