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Ask God for Something Tangible

by J. M. Farro on November 30th, 2010

When we are in a difficult place, and we are seeking the Lord, sometimes it helps to ask Him to answer our prayer in the form of something tangible. Remember the story of good King Hezekiah and the illness that threatened his life? God had Isaiah the prophet tell His servant the king that he should get his house in order, because he was about to die. Instead of resigning himself to his fate, Hezekiah turned to the Lord for help. As a result, God provided a poultice of figs which ministered healing and restoration to the king. (2 Kings 20:1-7)

The Lord could have easily healed Hezekiah without a poultice or any other remedy, but instead, He used this manner to bring about His servant’s recovery. I’ve discovered that when I need healing myself, or I have a problem with no apparent solution, I can ask the Lord for a “fig poultice” of my own, and He will often provide one for me. Receiving something tangible from the Lord when I am confused and hurting can encourage my heart and my faith.

After Hezekiah’s recovery, he didn’t go around telling people that he was healed by a fig poultice–He gave God the credit and the glory. But that poultice bolstered his faith in a way that helped him to see the Lord’s love and concern for him. Perhaps today, you are in a painful place, and you need a touch from God. I encourage you to turn to Him today and say, “Lord, please give me a fig poultice of my own…”

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