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The Lord will Execute His Word

by J. M. Farro on March 3rd, 2024

   “For the Lord will execute His Word on the earth, thoroughly and quickly.”  Romans 9:28 NASB

   Here is a promise from God for His people when it seems as though our prayers are going unanswered for longer than we would like them to.  The Lord is saying here that though the answers to our petitions may be delayed for a time, the day will come when He will release His divine power into our situation suddenly and explosively.

   I like to think of this verse saying that the Lord will “execute” His PROMISES on my behalf “thoroughly and quickly.”  The NIV version says, “with speed and finality.”  That means that when the time is right, God will speed up His work on my behalf, and HE will have the final Word – not people, or even the devil himself.

   How do we position ourselves to receive these dynamic answers to our prayers?  We keep on believing.  When our five senses tell us that our dreams are never going to come to pass, we don’t let that bother us.  We just keep on believing God’s promises.  I like to remind myself of Jesus’ words in Mark 5:36 (TPT): “Don’t yield to fear.  All you need to do is to keep on believing.”  Very often, securing our victory is simply a matter of staying in faith when everything and everyone around us is tempting us to doubt the Lord and His promises.  The devil doesn’t know how to handle a believer who refuses to give up.  It literally drives him crazy when we lay hold of a promise of God and refuse to let go.

   God has some breakthroughs in store for you that He wants to “execute” on your behalf “thoroughly and quickly.” “ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO KEEP ON BELIEVING”!

    Lord, I pray that by Your Holy Spirit, You will lead me to the exact promises from Your Word that You would like me to pray and stand on today.  You see my needs, and You know the desires of my heart, and I believe that You have some amazing breakthroughs in store for me.  Show me how to get into agreement with You so that I can receive the victories that belong to me in Christ.  Thank You that as I keep my faith in You and Your Word, You will release Your awesome power on my behalf with supernatural speed and finality!

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